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  Santa Barbara Succulents

About Us...

                                    Santa Barbara Succulents (SBS) is a private nursery located off of Sycamore Canyon Road in the sunny foothills of the Santa Ynez mountains that
 help create the warm mediterranean climate which allows for long, dry summer growing seasons and except for the occasional heavy winter rainfall, a mild climate even during the coldest months of the year, often extening the growing seasons of both summer and winter growing succulents because they are not forced to protect themselves by going into dormancy during extreme hi's and lows.

SBS has quickly built a reputation amongst locals not only as a relaxing atmosphere for planning and purchasing additions to their own landscape projects, but also as an educational experience where those who leave a bit of extra room in their schedule are welcomed to spend some time getting the questions they need answered and picking up interesting new facts and techniques to apply at home or share with friends.

This personalized service, including Landscaping consultation for Xeriscaping, a popular form of drought landscaping, to direct plant sales and specimen selection for custom arrangement orders to be used at weddings and events. The nursery has a large selection on hand, specializing in all varieties of classic and rare Succulent specimens from Echeverias, Sedums and Aeoniums to Cacti, Aloe's, Agaves, Yucca and other sub-species of all shapes sizes, and when needed, larger orders whether it be quanitty or size, can be fulfilled within a short time, at very competative rates.

As the main proprietor of this Santa Barbara Nursey, a growing small business, I want to encourage you to stop by and see what is currently available in my ever changing selection of drought resitant plants. I am constantly searching for new additions as the succulent nursey so whether you are looking for indviduals plants for your backyard or DIY garden project, custom succulent arrangements  to decorate your living room or the perfect floral wedding centerpieces, I guarantee we'll find the right, unique succulents to fit your needs, and as always, whether you make a purchase or not, you'll never leave empty handed from Santa Barbara Succulents.

If you have any questions about current inventory, reservations to visit the nursery or Shipping to your state, please send a direct message via the link below.

So what is an 
Urban Nursery?

A little background on how this project came about.

    A little over 5 years ago my family bought a property in the foothills of Santa Barbara, located right in the middle of what at the time was a rather bare landsape, including the remnants of homes that were lost during the Tea Fire in 2008. The ground was hard, clay filled soil with little life left in it so we knew we had our work cut out for us. We began to improve the soil with mulch by the truckloads trying to revive one section at a time in hopes of bringing some life back into what used to be a Tree filled landscape and vibrant ecosystem. Although we are nowhere close to finished yet, we learned many ways to improve soil conditions, reduce clay in the yard and create a more vibrant and lively ecosystem to regenerating layers of soil. and improve growing conditions. 

    One day i was sitting out on the porch and wondered why we had all this land but had never thought of using it to grow anything on a larger scale, so i began to study about urban backyard nurseries and make something off the land which we had been putting so much work into. This was the beginning of Santa Barbara Succulents, a small scale local nursery at the foothills of the Santa Barbara Mountain were the climate is perfect for growing all types of Succulents and Cacti. I hope to one day grow this into a full time operation so I am asking for your support by coming to check out my selection of succulent plants before heading to the nearest large retailer and support small business' (not just mine but in general ) which are the backbone of this community . I promise i'll make it worth the trip and as promised, with or without purchase you won't leave empty handed!

Nursery Reviews from New Friends!

Once you've visited the nursery, your part of the family. Call, Text or Email me anytime for Information about succulents, Custom orders or Last Minute Gifts. I'd be more than happy to take the time to help you improve your garden and meet your goals so don't hesitate to ask questions.

"Absolutely love this plant. Been looking for a while for this one. Healthy plants with wonderful root systems. Hard to find. Very healthy and packaged with love. You were right. Packaging worked perfectly!! Great job and thank you for the extras. I was so excited to see what you sent. Completely wonderful surprises! All have been planted. You filled in all the empty planters I was hoping to fill this Spring. Wow!! I have no words. From one plant lover to another thank you so much! Great conversation with shop owner! Every plant was in perfect condition. Been buying plants/cactus/succulents/air plants for years. These plants are exceptional!! Highly recommend this shop. Will return!!"

"I originally visited Jens' backyard nursery while he was barely set up and have watched the growth over the past 6 months as he turned his hobby and passion for succulents into a full time business. He now has his plants and arrangements on display in 2 sections of the yard, both easily accessible and well organized, something I did not expect from an in-home operation. I enjoy coming by and he always has information to share and i've never left without him exitingly sharing a pup or a sample of a new fertilizer he is trying out so it's always worth the trip! Thanks Jens!"
"I ordered the Crassula Moonglow and Haworthia Viscosa from the shop. The seller contacted me as he had some issues with one of them. I was very happy that his main concern was the quality of the plants that he will be sending out. Sure enough, it was quickly resolved, the plants were shipped and they arrived looking healthy. The plants were carefully packaged. He gave me some really nice freebies to make up for the lost time which, to me, wasn't long at all. I will definitely be shopping here again. Thanks, Jens!"



I have spent many hours researching information about succulents and cacti both online and off which I am enthusiastic about sharing, and to help identify any succulents you are unfamilliar with. So feel free to contact me for additional information about the nursery, Succuluent care guides, custom arrangements or with any other questions that I can help you answer.


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